The Milwaukee’s Finest Scholarship Foundation is extremely proud and supportive of all our scholars.  We aim to spark a light in each and every one of them. With the support from our generous donors, we are able to help Milwaukee youth launch their careers. Read their stories below.



From introvert to EXTROVERT, Jamie Covaleski has fouNd her place

APRIL 22, 2019

Written By: Nancy Torres

It’s no secret that being a young adult comes with its own myriad of challenges. Prior to attending UW-Madison, Jamie was nervous about being in a new environment and learning to balance schoolwork, a job, and a social life.


Herbert Morrow Jr. legacy continueS through Milwaukee’s Finest Scholarship Foundation

January 2, 2019

Written By: Patricia McKnight

Herbert Morrow Jr. was a Milwaukee Public School educator who cared deeply about his community and the educational quality of students. After his passing, the Morrow family selflessly pulled their resources together to provide financial support to students through Milwaukee’s Finest Scholarship Foundation.


Lyric Carter-Perry embarking on her journey to become a medical examiner

January 1, 2019

Written By: Patricia McKnight

Although being so far away from home, Lyric plans on becoming a medical examiner by making sure she stays focused on her education. At only 19-years-old, Lyric says partying and socializing may be fun, but she went to college to continue her education and better herself.

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Shauntia Carson reaches aspirations she never thought possible

October 5, 2018

Written By: Patricia McKnight

Before receiving our scholarship Carson thought she’d be borrowing money to pay for college, but she already began harboring the burden of private loans on her family's finances. Milwaukee's Finest Scholarship exceeded Shauntia’s expectations for not only her finances but what she could be able to accomplish as an educated professional.


Isaiah Gordon taking risk beyond his breaking point

September 15, 2018

Written By: Patricia McKnight

Isaiah Gordon felt compelled to further his education so he can passionately help countless people. He was previously not convinced of his abilities and goals of becoming the best student he could possibly be, but this scholarship boosted his determination and confidence.