April 22, 2019

Written By: Nancy Torres


Jamie Covaleski was chosen as a Milwaukee’s Finest Scholar in Fall of 2018. Upon being awarded, she began her journey as an undergraduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she is pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for global leadership.

“I love to learn, and I find that I am very good at subjects like math and science,” explained Jamie while discussing her chosen path. “I also think it’s important to be a role model for other young women that would like to pursue their education in STEM. Women are very underrepresented in this field."

It’s no secret that being a young adult comes with its own myriad of challenges. Prior to attending UW-Madison, Jamie was nervous about being in a new environment and learning to balance schoolwork, a job, and a social life.


“I want to make an impact in the lives of others and be content with myself as I do it,” Jamie added.

At only 18-years-old, Jamie aims to excel in her courses to eventually go on to attend graduate school. As a current honor roll student at her University, Jamie welcomes any obstacles that may arise along the way because she believes the outcome will result in great opportunity and growth.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting other students through organizations that I am apart of. UW-Madison is so big that everyone can find their [own] place," Jamie stated. "I’m learning how to be more independent and I am meeting a lot of new people.”

Throughout her high school career at Riverside University High School Jamie often identified herself as an introverted person, but going to college and becoming a Milwaukee’s Finest Scholar has helped her become more social.

I’ve gotten out of my comfort zone. It has definitely paid off a lot!
— Jamie Covaleski

Receiving the scholarship has impacted Jamie's life in many ways. “I was so happy because it was the first scholarship that I had applied for...It was a good feeling knowing that there are people, especially in your city, that believe in you. It motivates you.”

She went on to explain that attending the UW-Madison was a goal of hers for a very long time and she is glad that a local foundation, played a role in encouraging her to pursue her dreams.  

Milwaukee’s Finest Scholarship Foundation is honored to award dedicated students with aid to alleviate some of the stress of being a college student. Through the shared belief that all students should have equal opportunity, along with the help of our generous donors, we are able to serve as a stepping stone for students like Jamie.

We are endlessly proud of our scholars and look forward to witnessing each of them continue to pursue all they seek to become in life.