Herbert Morrow Jr. legacy continues through Milwaukee’s Finest Scholarship Foundation

JANUARY 2, 2019

Written By: Patricia McKnight


Herbert Morrow Jr. was a Milwaukee Public School educator who cared deeply about his community and the educational quality of students. After his passing, the Morrow family selflessly pulled their resources together to provide financial support to students entering higher education.  

“Roughly 10-years ago I started a scholarship to honor my late father,” shared Herbert Morrow III. “Like my father, I taught for several years so it was relatively easy to find an appropriate scholarship recipient.”

Identical to the mission of Milwaukee’s Finest Scholarship Foundation (MFSF), the Morrow family believes in encouraging all students who have ambitions for higher education, by providing an equal opportunity for financial assistance.


“Scholarships prepare you to fight,” Morrow III  stated, “Having those resources the first day of class instead of being unprepared because you didn't have money for the books will even the playing field.”

However, after nearly a decade selecting scholars to honor his father,  Herbert Morrow III pursued a new profession that limited his interactions with students. With a new career that required frequent travel, finding time to manage the family scholarship seemed nearly impossible.  

“In order to keep the scholarship going I researched different venues such as memorials funds but there was just one problem; all of these venues disperse checks to the school,” explained Morrow III. “I was looking for an organization that can put money in a scholars pocket.”

Morrow III says he knows first-hand how difficult it is being a student without the proper tools to succeed. On the very first day of classes, scholars should not have to worry about funding and should be strictly ready to learn.


The Morrow family decided to continue Herbert Morrow Jr. legacy by sponsoring scholars through Milwaukee’s Finest Scholarship Foundation.

“If people are demonstrating the will to be a volunteer in their community, and if I can support that kid and they make it, there’s a good chance that they’ll be the ones to go back and continue to help out,” Morrow III explained.

Impressed by the efforts put forth by Milwaukee’s Finest, the Morrow family says they look forward to donating ‘even more’ in the future.  
MFSF is forever thankful for donors like the Morrow family who share the same beliefs in education as we do.

Thank you, Morrow family!